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Joo Chiat is a residential conservation area in the eastern part of Singapore, and is located between Geylang Serai and Marine Parade Road. In the early 20th century, the whole of the Joo Chiat area was a coconut plantation owned by Mr. Chew Joo Chiat, also known as “The King of Katong”.

In the late 1910s, the Singapore government decided to build infrastructure throughout Singapore in order for the country to develop and progress. One of the roads they planned to build would run straight through the land owned by Mr. Chew Joo Chiat.

Mr. Chew Joo Chiat quickly realised the economic potential of the new road. It was much easier for him to transport his coconuts, but more importantly, he started to sell plots of land along the road for people to build shops and houses.

Today, you can still see these traditional shophouses along Joo Chiat Road and in the surrounding area. Geylang Serai is one of the early communities of Orang Lauts and Malays. The Joo Chiat area has a strong Peranakan heritage, the Peranakan people have a very distinct cuisine, which is a mix of Chinese and Malay cuisines. There are a number of famous Peranakan restaurants and eateries along Joo Chiat Road.


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Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel Singapore is located in Katong, East Coast of Singapore, 15 mins between airport and city centre with easy access to beautiful beaches & outdoor activites at East Coast Park and...

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