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Marina Bay, the Garden City by the Bay!

Located at the Southern tip of Singapore, Marina Bay is a 360ha development designed to seamlessly extend Singapore's downtown district and further support the city-state's continuing growth as a major business and financial hub in Asia.

A greenfield site surrounded by water and gardens, Marina Bay provides an opportunity for further urban transformation, attracting new investments, visitors and talent, as well as becoming a new destination for the local community.

Marina Bay is a 24/7, thriving and energetic place where people live, work and play. It has ushered in a new concept of city living that embraces all the opportunities and activities that the city has to offer.

Marina Bay is a place for people from all walks of life to explore, exchange and entertain. There are apartments set amidst lush greenery near Singapore 's waterfront. The local community and visitors alike can enjoy the parks, waterfront promenade and attend the events and celebrations held at the Bay. State-of-the-art office space and transport infrastructure provide seamless connectivity for companies and professionals to grow and exchange business ideas. It is a place with a necklace of attractions and round-the-clock energy that continues during and outside office hours.


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3156 Hits • Address: 10 Coleman Street, Singapore, MARINA BAY

Grand Park City Hall, the Architectural Heritage Award-winning building, set within the island's vibrant and historically significant Civic District, is only minutes away from the Central Business District...


2640 Hits • Address: Singapore, MARINA BAY

Soaring high above the heart of Marina Bay, this elegant Singapore hotel lets you experience life at the top of the world. Savour epicurean delights at award-winning restaurants and a bar. Unwind and ...

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